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October 2015

Suit Shopping Simplified..!


Hellooo Everyone, I guess we are all settled in 🙂

Where All My Men Them Oya Gather Round
I’m going to tell you what to look out for when shopping for a suit.

I’ve simplified it so its very easy its not going to look like a chore now when you are in a gentleman’s shop.

Whether you are buying a Classic Single Breasted Or Classic Double Breasted
Know that Single Breasted Suit Jackets have 1-3 buttons, 1 Vent, 2 Vents or No Vents.

While Double Breasted Suit Jackets have 2-3 buttons, 1 Vent, 2 Vents or No Vents.

First I’m going to break this into 3
• Tall Man
• The Short Man
• The Plump Man

Tall Man:

As a tall man your best fit is a Single Breasted Suit Jacket with 3 buttons.
You sleeves have to be a little longer if not it would look like a jumpe (Undersized)

Side Vents create a fuller and better balance to your proportion, to balance your shoulder and chests go for wider lapels.
To balance your height go for suits jackets with longer length.
A jacket with out pocket flaps is your best bet.

Short Man:

For short men go for shorter jacket it create the illusion of height, slimmer & higher lapels, pockets without flaps will create the right silhouette to complete the illusions of a taller person.
The most important is a longer V

The Plump Man:
Thin & high lapels with a longer jackets are a must , because they take the attention away from your torso add a pocket square keep everyone distracted.
Pocket flaps will make you look plumper so do without it.

To Be Continued….

Stylespiration For The Week

Hellooo Fashionistas.
I know you are ready for the new week, if you’ve not already planned your outfits for the week, here’s a little something to tide you over.
If you already have them planned out this is something to help you make any changes you might need.

Don’t Forget To Manage Your Inner Dialogue Positively.. You Can Do It… Be Confident,Don’t Limit Yourself..!







Our Stylespiration Lookbooks Point You In The Right Direction To Make Stylish Decisions

Be Flawless..!

Weekend Stylespiration..!

Step Out Of Your Blues, Breath..!
Be Flirty..!
Go Out And Have Fun At The Beach, Enjoy Yourself, Live A Little..!





Cant Find What To Wear..?

What Is In Your Wardrobe…? Are your clothes the wrong size/style ?  You may have lots of clothes but nothing to wear because what’s in your closet is wrong for your current Role.


The way you dress your body could be wrong, don’t blame it on your body find the right clothing that fits & flatter.                                            Remember if you keep making the same poor choices about your clothing, there won’t be visible changes.


Your Choices affects your Clothing which can affect your total appearance & Confidence.


Be Aware… (Breast Cancer Awareness)

Dear Fashionista,
When You Find A Lump Go To The Doctor This Is Not An Olive Oil Matter.

When You Find A Lump,See A Doctor, Say No To Self Medication.

Weekly Personal Breast Checks Are Important.


Get To Know Your Breasts, You Own Them!
Be Familiar, Know What They Look Like So You Can Spot Changes Immediately.

Self Breast Examination Is The Key To Early Detection.

Know Your History, Know Your Risk Factor.

It Is Said That Emotional Trauma, Anger & Alcohol Amongst Others Increases Your High Risk.

Be Aware…!

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