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Midweek Stylespiration 

which would you wear Left Or Right? 

Be FABulous. 

Hellooo Monday (New Week Stylespiration) 

It’s a new week let’s quickly share with you our favorite things for this  week.  

Yeah because not every time stylespiration for ladies only sometimes we do both also because we can 🙂 

Hope this brightens your week, 

Be FABulous. 

Midweek Stylespiration 

Gorgeous Right…?

We know you will love it and we do too..

Where will you wear this outfit to…? 

  Enjoy the rest of your week 🙂 

Be FABulous…!

Mid Week Stylespiration 

This Is Our Favorite Thing For Today…  Sequins Shoes To The Rescue 

The Perfect Wardrobe Cluster


A perfect wardrobe is built in clusters..

Little pieces that you can mix and match.

in order to build a perfect cluster chose clothing that you can mix and match in colors that compliment each other.

Eg a skirt that fits every jacket you own and a jacket that fits both skirts and trousers that you own.

You don’t need to have too many clothes to achieve this all you need is enough clothes to swap with and more accessories

accessories 20% clothes 10%

Even those on a budget can do this as well because its not the amount of clothes you have but the ability to carefully choose your pieces, to be able to curb the urge to buy things you don’t need and buying only relevant timeless pieces.

a simple colorful scarf can put a spin in an outfit or a broach, this is why having more accessories is one the keys.

Carefully planning your outfits so as to look effortless stylish is another major key.

Be FABulous.


Stylespiration For The Week

This weeks stylespiration has a bit of everything..!



What do you think?



Enjoy Your Week….!

Be FABulous.




I dont always have a loving relationship with my fro but thats how most relationships are right?

Some days its a battle of wills, i want it to look a certain way but it has a mind of its own so it looking at me with arms folded like let me see how you will do this without my cooperation.

Then i smile and say look at you when i have scarves all around the house.


So like every relationship it takes understanding, patience & compromise.

Always always have scarves and pins to rescue you during these battles for peace sake.

I use my Ori/Okwume (shea butter) all the time, its my go to product, my other product is what i call an elixir its a cocktail of oils extracted from different african herbs.

Protective Styling is the way only, it takes away the wahala of detangling… the horror of detangling *sigh*.

Putting your hair in small three strand braids before you go to bed, makes it easy to comb and saves a bit of styling time, while making the hair look a bit smoother.

When you braid with ori it helps it set and leaves curls when you losen it… Yup the kinky curls we like.

So its really not rocket science to care and manage your fro.



Be FABulous

*Wahala -Trouble/Problems

Top 5 Lippies For Vals Day




Its Valentines day.. in a bit, how are you preparing?

These lipstick picks will leave you looking smooky hot and stylish..!

I think you should try them not just for vals day but they are very welcomed in every makeup bag because each color speaks volumes and it gives a different sophisticated look each time you wear it.

These are colors I cant cant get enough of, I thought i should share with you *wink*

Be FABulous

New Week StyleSpiration..

Here is a mix of work clothes and casual ideas to jump start your week, hope it helps.

Have A Wonderful New Week,

Be FABulous







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