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December 2014



Having you started making plans for 2015..?
If No, What Are You Waiting For..??
If Yes, *High5*

I don’t believed in outrageous new year resolutions, but I believe in goals that are reasonable and realistic.
What are the things you want to leave behind in 2014?
Do not hesitate to evaluate and let go the things that make you less progressive, the people who surround you with negative comments and negative energy.
You need people who will make your life better and bring in sunshine, let go all the dark clouds and excess baggage.
Do the things that will make you feel good in this new year, pamper yourself, love yourself, put yourself first.
Improve your looks go all out to put up an appearance, but do not over do it.
Find the right clothing for your body type, add more colors to your wardrobe.
Write down the areas that need improvement and work on it.
Its important to have fun, laughter is a good medicine.
Be happy, Be Confident.
Have A Wonderful New Year, Happy Holidays.

Best Wishes..


This Is Wishing All My Readers A Wonderful Christmas, A Prosperous Year Ahead And Lots Of Blessings From All The Orishas.

God + Sex + Inadequacy

This beautiful piece sums it up… Hope you enjoy it.

You are the truth™

My acting teacher records us one-by-one each week as we practice lines for pretend commercials. When the class is done, we watch each person on screen, and critique the performance. As my playback came up during our first class, I was anxious nervous fearful to see myself, squealing and hiding my face. The teacher pressed play, watched…and celebrated my screen presence. The contrast of our reactions surprised and confused him.

“Ama, does it really bother you this much to watch yourself? Are you really that nervous? Whatever you feel, it doesn’t come across on screen. The person on screen is confident and funny and full of life. NEVER tell a director about that fear, because that which you’re feeling, that person is not what I see. You have to figure out the source of that self-consciousness, and why you feel this way.”

I ask myself “What inside of me could be the…

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Fruits & Skincare #Apples


Apples are a rich source of antioxidants, such as flavonoids and polyphenols.

Which play an important role in slowing the aging process and maintaining your skin’s natural radiance and suppleness.

MARSALA: Pantone Color For The Year 2015

Pantone has named “Marsala” the color for 2015, though I have mixed feelings about this color dominating the whole 365 days of 2015, it reminds me of ‘Aja Upa” (Red sand).


Every year you notice a particular or set of colors but one is usually the most dominant, you notice the change in cosmetic, clothing, furniture and  electronics even.
That’s Pantone at work every year they decided these colors for us and we jump on it, Thank you Pantone.


Last year was “Radiant Orchid” and it took over just like “Marsala” is about to spring up on us like wild fire.
While this year has muted colors not nearly as vibrant as the radiant orchid.

For Women the colors are Aquamarine, Lucite Green, Scuba Blue, Toasted Almond, Classic Blue, Custard, Tangerine, Marsala  & Strawberry Ice.

You can mix and match the colors in this order or any way you choose…..Strawberry Ice, Tangerine, Scuba Blue, then Classic Blue, Aquamarine, Toasted Almond & Custard, Lucite Green, Marsala.


While Treetop, Glacier Grey, Dusk Blue, Toasted Almond, Classic Blue, Titanium, Woodbine, Sandstone, Lavender Herb and Marsala Are For Men.


I love the vibrance of the Classic Blue, Treetop,  Woodbine & the way its diluted with the Toasted Almond, Dusk blue & Lavender Herb, The Sandstone, Titanium, Glacier Grey are neutrals to me.

As for Marsala it doesn’t have the strength and vibrance of a color that I want to see everywhere and around me, I believe colors affect your mood and your productivity level.

A more vibrant shade of Marsala will add sheen to the black skin, I’m not so sure about Marsala its self, looked boring to me.
You need to understand our skin tone is distinctive and special, some of us have the darkest shade of brown that its almost black or black , its OK to want to look earthy but I haven’t seen any one you rolled in “Aja Upa” (Red Sand) that looked nice.

My  advice is “Moderation is the key and always look out for the Shade of the color that will do justice to you”
Its important that you pay attention to colors and how they affect your brand.
So take time out and have a rethink before you jump on the Marsala wagon.

Are You Media Ready…?

This piece is inspired by a lot of not so good posters I keep seeing around town, we all know that campaigns have started earnestly.


Posters are ways politicians introduce themselves to us, we all know that the chances of meeting them are slim and getting to know them is like finding a needle in a hay sac.

Now as a politician have you ever stopped to ask yourself if you are introducing yourself wrongly to these people who you intend to rule but cant if they don’t give you their votes.


What Does Your Poster Say About You?
Giving only your poster Would you vote for yourself if you weren’t contesting ?
Your visuals can be perceived as your level of competence and success, so invest in an experienced PR agency that will take care of all your media materials, take time out to have a proper photoshoot , have a good photographer on your team, clear pictures speak volumes.
Get a good tailor, African prints and designs have evolved make dapper looking natives.
Men please be conscious of the length of your pants you don’t want to be looking like you borrowed them or you planned to wear them for the next ten years. What out also for the tightness around the crotch, too tight equals bad fitting.


Buy clothes that fit properly for the days you intend to wear a suit, watch out for the length of your pants, the sleeves & the shoulders, we are looking for one that fits really good not one that’s too small, so you can move your arms comfortably. 
Ladies if you are not so good with makeup application get a good makeup artist in your employ, we don’t want a situation where people will be carried away by your clown looking makeup instead of listening to what you have to say.
Your hair is a very important part of you, please no scary weaves. Take time to plan your outfits, understand color psychology and use it to your advantage.

Now You Are Almost Media Ready…..

Fruits & Skincare. #Bananas


Benefits Of The Banana Fruit..!  Bananas are Rich In Vit A, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, Natural Sugar, Vit B6, Magnesium Etc.  They are also A Good Source Of Energy, Bananas Ease Constipation, they are said to have Antacids effects that protect from Stomach Ulcers.  Bananas are Antibacterial also; They are good for treating pimples & acne. They have antioxidants & vitamins that restore the collagen in the skin & they are Useful Also for Anti-aging skincare.

Personal Brand Building..


Everything Is Perception..
What Does Your Personal Brand Say About You??
How Do You Want To Be Perceived..???
How Do People Perceive You..?

Why do you think Brands Advertise Or Improve Advertisements..??
They do this to be seen as The Better Brand & to Eliminate Competition,
If Brands spend a lot of time on getting the Right Adverts..
What Have You Done Or Are You Doing To Improve Your Personal Brand..???

You Are A Brand.. The Way You Talk & Dress Advertise You.
Its up to you to decide, if you want a better Advert to Improve your Career Or Not.


You Are A Moving Billboard, you Advertise yourself.
Even the Right Adverts needs improvements.
Get Profiled Today,Find out Ways To Be Better.

If What You Would Like To Do Is, Build Your Personal Brand, Yourself Esteem, Get An Image Makeover,
We Can Help, That’s What We Do At The  StyleHelper

We like to think it doesn’t matter, It Does Matter !
The way you carry yourself, the way you talk & the way you dress will make Or marr you.

Intelligence gets you the Job, Executive Presence gets you Promoted, even when born with It, you need to develop & master it.
Those people who have Charisma & Finesse, whom you admire, have Consultants that helps them with these skills,
You Too Can Learn It.


Everybody was not born with the right dress sense Or gracefulness, Its not a shame to get an image makeover, a subtle nudge to help you.

Let your intelligence match your dress sense, don’t leave your image several miles behind.. Get Profiled Today, Get An Image Makeover.
If What You Would Love To Do Is, Build Your Executive Presence, Develop Your Sense Of Personal Style, An Email Will Set Things In Motion

Quick Tip… #Shoes


The shoes you wear every day can affect the health of your feet, your knees, your back, and your spine. Choose a shoe of good quality that provides the support your arches need.

Pick a style and material that let’s your feet breathes or a design with that will not trap moisture


Cautiously walk on a linoleum or other slippery surfaces,
A good pair of shoes can deliver both safety and quiet.

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