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November 2014

What Does Your Personal Brand Say About You..?


How are you making yourself the better brand?
How do people perceive you Vs How you want to be perceived…..
You are losing already if peoples perception about you is wrong.

How To Shop Right..

Shopping is usually is a welcomed idea, but when you are on a Budget you begin to rethink. Here are a few tips on how to shop when you are on a Budget.


-Make A List: This is not a day of compulsive buying, no matter how tempting it is Try To Follow The List.

-Prices & Bargains: Its ok to Compare prices and there’s no shame in bargaining, you might just get lucky, High price doesn’t always mean quality, most times its your Bargaining Power.

-Prioritize: Know what you need most & get them first.
– If you are buying clothes, buy only what you’ll wear, don’t buy what you’ll decorate your closet with.

– Take only the amount of cash you are willing to spend no extras, so you don’t spend more than your budget.
-NOTE : When Buying Clothes, Buy More Classic Pieces Than Trendy Pieces.

The 1st Rule To Stay Winning.

We All Like To Win.. And To Stay Winning We Have To Master Certain Acts To Fit Into The Role We Play Daily.
Paying Attention To Details Is Very Important, Knowing That Our Appearance Can Either Make Or Mar Us.
You Need To Understand Your Body, Its Proportions & Love It.


“There Is Nothing More Rare, Nor More Beautiful, Than A Woman Being Unapologetically Herself; Comfortable In Her Perfect Imperfection. To Me, That Is The True Essence Of Beauty.”
―   Steve Maraboli

I totally agree with Steve, in as much as you think your breasts are small or your legs look funny and you have no bum, nothing beats a confident woman….. A woman who knows how to accentuate her best features and tone down or tune out the rest .

The first thing you have to understand is your body and you have to Love it with all its flaws, you also have to know that darker colors minimize. To highlight, use shiny or lighter colors. If you have a thick waist you’ll use a darker shade of belt.

So If you’re The TOP HEAVY BODY TYPE you cant wear Bright colored or sequin tops. Tops with: ruffles or pastel shades, thin spaghetti straps, delicate or complicated necklines and high necks are a NO NO. .
Strategic gathers under the breast to direct all eyes to your waist. Skirts should be fitted at the top and flaring at the hemline  to balance the top and the bottom, a cute tulip skirt works here. Avoid anything high waisted , not so skinny trousers balance out the breasts so you look less top heavy..

If You Have NO CURVES OR YOU HAVE AN ATHLETIC BODY SHAPE Draping dresses with patterns will create curves in all the right places, find a fitting size. Wear the right padded bra always. Never go bra-less under flimsy fabrics, no matter how small the breast are, it’s not classy.
A feminine chiffon dress will soften the shape. Halter tops create soft curves. Gathering and pleating on a shirt at the sleeves and waist creates curves. Skinny jeans will hug the skinny shapeless hips, giving them more definition. Choose delicate heels to highlight slim ankles. Accessorize, to keep you looking very stylish and feminine. Invest in some cute waist-defining belts to wear over shirts, cardigans, coats, etc.

And If You Are BOTTOM HEAVY, NO Clingy skirts fuller leg trousers and flared skirts hide bulges. Wear any vertical pattern on the bottom half to appear slim . Darker colors recede, so go dark on the bottom half of the body no shiny fabrics and wear lighter colors on top. To broaden shoulders and bring the attention up to the top half, wear big lapels, color and embellishment on the neckline, even a small shoulder pad will bring balance to a wider bottom.

Avoid side pockets, Super-slim jeans and pencil skirts are not a good choice.
A defined waist, full skirt and strapless cut dress will bring all the focus to the smaller upper half. High-waisted, belted skirts draw attention to a slimmer waist . Avoid Empire waist dresses that hide the waistline, an A-line skirt or wrap dress to accentuate the upper half. Get a full, pleated Knee-length skirt to conceal a wide hip. Full, wide-leg gauchos drape without clinging and are a fashionable choice. Try a boot-cut pant and jeans to create a straight, lean line. Pleats are dangerous and so are too-high waist lines.

Hence we all come indifferent shapes and sizes, we should learn to create balance, Don’t go with the crowd, Take time out to find out what suits you.

Be Totally Confident

How A BIG/LARGE/FAT Man Should Dress..!



With Comfortable Nice Looking Clothes You Can Influence Others & Change Their Impressions About you
Baggy Clothes Draw Attention To Your Weight Making You Look sloppy when Buying An Outfit Make Sure Its Not Hugging You Too Tight, So It Won’t Draw Attention To Your Weight.
You Need A Good Tailor To Make The Necessary Adjustments So Your Clothes Can Fit Properly.
Bulges, Wrinkles, Sagging Clothes Looks Worse & Amplified On A FAT/BIG/LARGE Man.
Good Clothing Can Change Peoples Opinion About You From FAT & Sloppy To BIG, Neat & Well Dressed.  Fine Wool Pants Makes You Look Balanced.
Watches Add Strength & Presence To Your Persona  Because You Are A FAT/BIG/LARGE Man A Large Faced Watch Is The Way To Go  For A FAT/BIG/LARGE Man Proportion Is Important So Trade Your BIC For A Fountain Pen Today  A Hat Makes You Look Taller If You Are A FAT/BIG/LARGE Short Man.  Shirts That Fit,Sports Jackets,Hats Are A Big YES Because They Keep You Contained.  Big Tees,Face Caps,Tank Tops, Are A BIG NO For FAT/BIG/LARGE Man.  Most FAT/BIG/LARGE Men Are Prone To Excessive Sweating, So Keep Your Clothing Light Avoid Heavy Clothing.  Clothes With Graphics Or Patterns Are A BIG NO For A FAT/BIG/LARGE Man.  Simplicity Is The Key If You Are A FAT/BIG/LARGE Man, Shirts With Thin Stripes Are A BIG YES  Don’t Wear Clothes That Are Several Sizes Too Big,They Add To The Sloppy Looking Appearance &We Don’t Want That.
Go Ahead And Look Dapper..

Operation Lipstick & Moods.

There are lips colors to go with every skin tone, every outfit possible and every social occasion. You keep looking at shades of Red,Pink,Mauve, black &Purple,make sure you don’t run out of options.
When you have more than one shade of a particular color or colors you can always mix, be creative.


– Light pink:  innocence, soft and gentle. Wear a light pink shade for when you are feeling pretty,girly & breezy .
To touch the roof & set things in motion wear Hot Pink.

– Purple: Mysterious and a little rebellious.
Purple shades are always cool, vibrant, Unique, makes you stand out & never boring.

– Orange: Sunshine. 
Orange is the color of sunshine, Get a lift off gloomy days with an orange color lippie, make your day sparkly & fun.

– Red: Confidence and Independence.
The Confidence you need to make decisions quickly, kick butts or be sexy.

– Brown: Earthy and inviting.
The Power to relax and be easy.. Take it slow no rush.

Good Bra..!

1: Bra Size Changes According To Body Weight- Eg Weight Loss/Gain, Pregnancy, Hormones Etc. Lots Of Women Wear The Wrong Bra.

2: Breasts Are Held Up By Ligaments, Over Time The Will Weaken& Cause Sagging, With The Right Support Bra You Can Prevent Sagging.

3:The Breast Tissue Is Composed Of Glands & Fat No Amount Of Exercising Can Help Lift/Shape The Breasts Once The Breast Tissue Sags.

4: Your Need A GoodBRA, Your Breasts Will Lose Its Shape If You Let Then Hang On Their Own.

5: Pay Attention: The Right Bra Can Make Your Clothes Fit/Look Better, Appear Slimmer And Have A Great Appearance .

6: When The Breasts Still Looks Sagging, Know Your Bra Is Not Doing Its Work Cos Your Bra Is Meant For Support.

7:The Wrong Bra Can Affect Posture, Shape & Overall Health.


8: A Bra Should Lie Firmly On Your Rib Cage, The Under Wire Should Not Dig Into Your Skin Or Breast Tissues, Its Should Sit Flat.

9: The Wrong Bra Can Lead To Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Feeling Of Exhaustion OR Even Failure Of The Lymph Nodes To adequately Drain.

10: When You Wear A Cup Too Small The Breasts Are Supported By The Shoulder Straps,Which Cause Unnecessary Pressure To Your Shoulders.

11: A WorkOut Bra Is Important Cos They Keep The Ligaments From Stretching As The Breast Bounces During Exercise.

12: 2:Maternity Bras Are Designed To Support A Woman’s Growing Breasts & Function Effectively For Breast Feeding.

13:You Must Wear The Right Bra During Breast Feeding,As The Breasts Are Enlarged Due To Milk Production, Maternity Bra Should Not Apply Pressure Onto The Milk Duct,So As Not To Stop Milk Production.

14: Your Bra Is Supposed To Give The Breasts Support Underneath Not From The Shoulder Straps.

15:Put Your Finger Under Your Bra Strap If It Fits More Than 1 Finger You Are Wearing The Wrong Size Of Bra.

16:If Your New Bra Is In The Tightest Hook You Are Wearing The Wrong Size.

17:The Bra’s Life Span Is 6 Months, a good bra Should Be On The Last Hook After It Loses Elasticity.

I Hope You Find The Importance Of A Good BRA Tips Helpful.

Please Share With Others. We All Need The Support Of A Good BRA

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