Hellooo Everyone, I guess we are all settled in 🙂

Where All My Men Them Oya Gather Round
I’m going to tell you what to look out for when shopping for a suit.

I’ve simplified it so its very easy its not going to look like a chore now when you are in a gentleman’s shop.

Whether you are buying a Classic Single Breasted Or Classic Double Breasted
Know that Single Breasted Suit Jackets have 1-3 buttons, 1 Vent, 2 Vents or No Vents.

While Double Breasted Suit Jackets have 2-3 buttons, 1 Vent, 2 Vents or No Vents.

First I’m going to break this into 3
• Tall Man
• The Short Man
• The Plump Man

Tall Man:

As a tall man your best fit is a Single Breasted Suit Jacket with 3 buttons.
You sleeves have to be a little longer if not it would look like a jumpe (Undersized)

Side Vents create a fuller and better balance to your proportion, to balance your shoulder and chests go for wider lapels.
To balance your height go for suits jackets with longer length.
A jacket with out pocket flaps is your best bet.

Short Man:

For short men go for shorter jacket it create the illusion of height, slimmer & higher lapels, pockets without flaps will create the right silhouette to complete the illusions of a taller person.
The most important is a longer V

The Plump Man:
Thin & high lapels with a longer jackets are a must , because they take the attention away from your torso add a pocket square keep everyone distracted.
Pocket flaps will make you look plumper so do without it.

To Be Continued….