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January 2016

7 Ways To Build Your Character


its ideal to have a strong character, here are ways that can help,

  • Be Truthful
  • Be Courageous
  • Be Emphatic
  • Surround Yourself With People You Can Learn From
  • Self Improvement Is A Goal
  • Build On Yourself Confidence

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Making An Impression Pt2





We are still talking Impressions..!

How do you make a lasting impression?? How do you not cut across as trying too much?

There are two ways you can make an impression, Verbal Or Non-Verbal.

These are ways you communicate yourself to others, the most important is Non-Verbal, your clothes do the talking first before you open your mouth to say anything.

And when you finally get to talk , more than half of the time the tone of your voice matters more than what you are saying.

This is why a nice person might cut across as offensive simply because the person is high pitched.

Don’t judge a book by its cover is for books, consciously or unconsciously you will be judged by your cover which is your appearance- Munoyedi Freda Ogbolumani

This is to say that if you understand that your voice as a major part of communication can influence those around you thereby  adding to your charm and charisma, you will tone and tune it to suit the current role you are playing.

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New Week StyleSpiration..

Here is a mix of work clothes and casual ideas to jump start your week, hope it helps.

Have A Wonderful New Week,

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Perfume Basics




Perfumes, Yes perfumezzzz We all love to smell nice and edible, here are a few tips on buying and using a perfume.

You wouldn’t want your friends or spouse to choke because of your perfume,the aim is to smell nice not cut off the air circulation….

The essential oils of a perfume react differently with each person.

Perfume; Also called Extract or extrait  are the purest form and the most expensive, last longer too.

Eau De Parfume (EDP)

Is the most popular, provides a lasting fragrance and does not cost as much.

Eau De Toilette (EDT)

This scent is lighter and doesn’t linger as much

Eau De Cologne (EDC)

Sometimes interchangeable with Eau de toilette, light fresh fragrance mixed with citrus oils.

Floral: this blend is mostly from flowers and it’s the largest and most popular, this includes roses, carnation, blossom, gardenia and jasmine.

Citrus: this blend is among the oldest scents, they project sharp natural refreshing and uplifting fragrance, Tangerine, orange, Lime, Mandarin and Lemon.

Oriental: Are a mixture of heady spices, Amber ,Balsams, and Resins, they are warm, exotic and sensual, good for evening wear.

Green: This have fresh, sharp grassy scents blended with Pine, Juniper, Leaves and Herbs, they are sporty are most suited for day time use.

Fougere; Is combination of fresh herbs and mossy ferns with earthly overtures.

The season should also determine the type of perfume to use, Dry season when the sun is out lighter fragrances are suitable, raining seasons warm and intimate aromas.

So, if you prefer something light, choose a citrus-based. Flowery perfumes tend to be sweeter and a bit stronger, while earth-based are simple fragrances that take their base scents from minerals and plants other than flowers, like vanilla or cinnamon. For the full-on sexy effect, however, try a musk. Musk is general a scent taken directly from animals or is an artificial fragrance designed to smell like animal musk.

Trials and Testing:

This is the part that is gets you worked up because sometimes you all in love first with the bottle but the scent is not what you want, Now that you’ve decided the type you want let the testing begin.

Put a little on your wrist and sniff it after a few minutes sniff it again. Perfumes have layers of scents usually after the first scent evaporates, the base oil that contain the fragrance remains on your skin.

To overcome the nose fatigue ,take in fresh air or smell something that carries your own smell like your shirt sleeve or armpit.

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Making An Impression Pt1


To Make A Good Impression We Must Be Conscious Of How We Behave In Public, Especially In A Formal Setting.

  • Listen
  • Pay Attention
  • Contribute
  • Do Not Monopolize The Whole Conversation
  • Don’t Stare At Your Phone Repeatedly, Put It On Silent & Ignore It. Except There’s An Emergency.
  • Be Polite & Courteous At All Times
  • Don’t Tell Questionable Jokes
  • Send Out Only Positive Vibes
  • Don’t Be An Oversabi (Know It All)


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Rose Quartz & Serenity, Pantone Color For 2016..!


Pantone has unveiled the color for 2016, I’d say that there are very beautiful colors but I’m not looking at the spring part as we have no spring or winter in Nigeria so i cant be bothered but will still go ahead and wear them.

The colors are Rose Quartz & Serenity, beautiful colors if you ask me, very complementing classy and stylish while giving a calming effect.


If you are wondering who Pantone is or what Pantone is, they are the Color Oracles that tell us what colors will dominate every year, even when you do not agree with them you still have to watch their prophesy come to pass.

Because designers will make clothing in all the shades they’ve prophesied you’ll find nail polish in the said colors mugs, rugs and interior decorators will find chairs and curtains in those shades.

Did you notice the way Marsala took over last year?

I told you their prophesies always come to pass

Last year the color was Marsala some whined and complained, i did too but 365 days is a long time and Marsala definitely grew on me. i still don’t own anything in that shade yet… maybe i will later.

So back to the colors for the year…. The Executive Director of Pantone had this to say .

In many parts of the world we are experiencing a gender blur as it relates to fashion, which has in turn impacted color trends throughout all other areas of design. This more unilateral approach to color is coinciding with societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity, the consumer’s increased comfort with using color as a form of expression, a generation that has less concern about being typecast or judged and an open exchange of digital information that has opened our eyes to different approaches to color usage. -Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute


The top ten colors of the year people…. Enjoy your day..!

PANTONE-Fashion-Color-Report-Spring-2016Photo Courtesy:

First Monday….. StyleSpiration

Tomorrow is the First working day after the holidays, how prepared are you??

Do you have your wardrobe for this week planned out already?

Here’s  The Stylespiration For The Week..!

I hope you like it and it helps jump starts planning.

Hello 2016…


Darling fashionistas,

Happy New Year….!!!

We all have a new 365 days that makes up this year so lets make beautiful memories each day & write wonderful stories of ourselves.

While we try to be positive and put ourselves first, there’s nothing like self love… you heard me nothing beats loving yourself.

Lets stay away from procrastination and toxic people.

While procrastination is you hurting yourself, which you shouldn’t be doing in the first place, having all sorts of negative energy from the toxic people around you will only drain you and put a dent in your self confidence.

The only people you need this new year are those who will uplift you and help you achieve your goals.

This year 2016 our main focus while helping you to build a better personal brand is Character, Impression and Confidence.

I’m going to walk you through every path that will help you enhance your personal brand to build a better you.


Because we understand the need of having a pleasant character, making good and lasting impressions and having self confidence, these are necessary tools to building a better you.

When you make a conscious effort to eliminate any character flaw you may have or decide to enhance your visual image to make better impressions that will last,while needing to ditch your insecurities and be confident because that will sail you through.

Looking forward  to building a better You & Better Us, Please comment on my posts, ask questions, re blog our posts, I cant do this with you helping to share it.

Thank You Have A Wonderful New Year.



5 things you should do daily



  • Smile More.

  • Adopt The Attitude Of Gratitude.

  • Say Only Positive Things About Yourself .

  • Have A Kind Word & Encourage Others .

  • Most Importantly, Put Yourself First .

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