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Midweek Stylespiration 

which would you wear Left Or Right? 

Be FABulous. 

Making An Impression Pt2





We are still talking Impressions..!

How do you make a lasting impression?? How do you not cut across as trying too much?

There are two ways you can make an impression, Verbal Or Non-Verbal.

These are ways you communicate yourself to others, the most important is Non-Verbal, your clothes do the talking first before you open your mouth to say anything.

And when you finally get to talk , more than half of the time the tone of your voice matters more than what you are saying.

This is why a nice person might cut across as offensive simply because the person is high pitched.

Don’t judge a book by its cover is for books, consciously or unconsciously you will be judged by your cover which is your appearance- Munoyedi Freda Ogbolumani

This is to say that if you understand that your voice as a major part of communication can influence those around you thereby  adding to your charm and charisma, you will tone and tune it to suit the current role you are playing.

Be Fabulous


Weekend Stylespiration..!

Step Out Of Your Blues, Breath..!
Be Flirty..!
Go Out And Have Fun At The Beach, Enjoy Yourself, Live A Little..!





How To Shop Right..

Shopping is usually is a welcomed idea, but when you are on a Budget you begin to rethink. Here are a few tips on how to shop when you are on a Budget.


-Make A List: This is not a day of compulsive buying, no matter how tempting it is Try To Follow The List.

-Prices & Bargains: Its ok to Compare prices and there’s no shame in bargaining, you might just get lucky, High price doesn’t always mean quality, most times its your Bargaining Power.

-Prioritize: Know what you need most & get them first.
– If you are buying clothes, buy only what you’ll wear, don’t buy what you’ll decorate your closet with.

– Take only the amount of cash you are willing to spend no extras, so you don’t spend more than your budget.
-NOTE : When Buying Clothes, Buy More Classic Pieces Than Trendy Pieces.

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