I dont always have a loving relationship with my fro but thats how most relationships are right?

Some days its a battle of wills, i want it to look a certain way but it has a mind of its own so it looking at me with arms folded like let me see how you will do this without my cooperation.

Then i smile and say look at you when i have scarves all around the house.


So like every relationship it takes understanding, patience & compromise.

Always always have scarves and pins to rescue you during these battles for peace sake.

I use my Ori/Okwume (shea butter) all the time, its my go to product, my other product is what i call an elixir its a cocktail of oils extracted from different african herbs.

Protective Styling is the way only, it takes away the wahala of detangling… the horror of detangling *sigh*.

Putting your hair in small three strand braids before you go to bed, makes it easy to comb and saves a bit of styling time, while making the hair look a bit smoother.

When you braid with ori it helps it set and leaves curls when you losen it… Yup the kinky curls we like.

So its really not rocket science to care and manage your fro.



Be FABulous

*Wahala -Trouble/Problems