Nail polish originated in China, and its use dates back to 3000 BC

Shimmer, micro-shimmer, micro-glitter, glitter, frost, lustre, crème, prismatic micro-glitter or shimmer, iridescent, opalescent, matte, duo-chrome, and translucent, are the 13 types of finishes for nail polish.


The most expensive nail polish costs $250,000,Black Diamond King, is made with 267 carats worth of black diamonds.

Nail polish was inspired by car paints.

Nu Nails is an artificial nail made for nail biters by a dentist Maxwell Lappe in 1934.

French manicures imitate the natural colour of nails giving a glossy transparent effect using colours such as beige and soft pink. In manicures, nails are painted in four coats of thin layers; this also reduces chipping or bubbling of the polish and gives a smoother effect.


Revlon is the first nail polish brand established in 1932.

Acrylic nails were created also by a dentist Fred Slack