Its laughable when we say things like Fall fashion or winter fashion.

We do not have Fall or Winter in these parts, our weather is different so it makes our seasons different..
While we have the raining season which is the farmers delight because its good for planting etc.


At this time of the year we have harmattan..!

While there’s the rich smell of dust & sun to dry your clothes in mins or few hours depending on the fabric.

Harmattan is dryer, hazy, dusty, windy & hotter.
The temperature drops in the mornings its cold or very cold depending on where you are with slight fog or heavy fog..!

Its hot in the afternoon with a bit of air but its really hot..!
That you would want to stay hydrated by taking cold liquids all day.

The temperature drops again in the night.. Sometimes its sooo cold that you don’t need the fan/ac .

I hope I was able to give you a small insight on what harmattan feels like..!

Harmattan beauty & fashion hacks coming soon..!


I’m so in love with this season, I hope you are too, the dryness, haze, smell of dust reminds me of Christmas..!

What does Harmattan remind you of..?