shop OK

We all know that “OK” is really cheap, but because its affordable most times we end up buying what we don’t exactly need.
Too many clothes nothing to wear..!!
Ask Yourself these questions before you proceed.

1: If this was new would i buy it?.
2: Would i Wear this? If yes, how often?.
3: Do you recognize the brand name?.
4: Are they in good condition?.
5: Now check the clothing thoroughly, the armpits if the color is fading, turn it to the back, are the seams loosening? does it have holes??.
6: Are the buttons complete?.
7: Zips working properly??.
8: Does it add value or bulk to your wardrobe??.
9: Don’t Settle (make i manage am) if you don’t like it.
10: Don’t Buy Impulsively.

*OK is used to describe secondhand clothing,they are not only affordable they sell designer brands at giveaway prices*