A nice pair of jean: 
simple Black, Navy blue or Grey colored jeans that you can wear with any Blouse,Top,  Shirt or Shoes.

  A Black or Dark colored suit that you can wear to any occasion.

A Black or White T-shirt.

A nice well fitting pair of knee length  straight skirt- choose a neutral color.

A classic Black dress, that may look ordinary but with the right accessories look smashing.


A Lacy camisole, is more sexy and stylish than a tank top.

A leather Jacket or Suede Jacket never goes out of fashion and can be worn casually or formally .

Invest in wonderful pieces of Accessories, they transform your outfit.

White,Black or Brown linen or cotton pants are a nice choice when it comes to more formal occasions or going to the office.

A Short stylish evening dress 
– any color may do,just get your color combination right.

SHOES: Be it flat shoes,sandals or heels, your shoes adds to your finished look, always invest in a good pair of shoe, they nail your look.