Dreams allow us to be safely insane every. night of our lives.
Letting us explore places we can never go or things we can ever do.
Sharing the most blissful times than we can only imagine, more fun than we dreamed of in our daily lives.
Wonderful moments,where we meet our knights in shining armour.
Building bridges to places and things we never knew existed. It opens the door to our own personal Fantasy Island, in this beautiful place there are no disappointments, no what ifs, no heartbreaks, power failures or technical issues, its perfect here.

Throw caution to the wind, let go, enjoying yourself, now is not the time to worry, leave that for morning.

Dreaming is creating ur own fairies and knights,ur own world entirely different from the one we are used to.
Being in control and knowing that no harm can come out of it.
Each day as u prepare to go to bed, free yourself from worries & doubt, to experience and encounter a world outside the one you are used to, they are like parallel lines that cant meet.

A world where possibilities are endless, where you might find answers to all you are looking for, your own very night life.
Dreaming is creativity.
Sweet dreams while angels guide u till morning light.