This beautiful piece sums it up… Hope you enjoy it.

You are the truth™

My acting teacher records us one-by-one each week as we practice lines for pretend commercials. When the class is done, we watch each person on screen, and critique the performance. As my playback came up during our first class, I was anxious nervous fearful to see myself, squealing and hiding my face. The teacher pressed play, watched…and celebrated my screen presence. The contrast of our reactions surprised and confused him.

“Ama, does it really bother you this much to watch yourself? Are you really that nervous? Whatever you feel, it doesn’t come across on screen. The person on screen is confident and funny and full of life. NEVER tell a director about that fear, because that which you’re feeling, that person is not what I see. You have to figure out the source of that self-consciousness, and why you feel this way.”

I ask myself “What inside of me could be the…

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