Pantone has named “Marsala” the color for 2015, though I have mixed feelings about this color dominating the whole 365 days of 2015, it reminds me of ‘Aja Upa” (Red sand).


Every year you notice a particular or set of colors but one is usually the most dominant, you notice the change in cosmetic, clothing, furniture and  electronics even.
That’s Pantone at work every year they decided these colors for us and we jump on it, Thank you Pantone.


Last year was “Radiant Orchid” and it took over just like “Marsala” is about to spring up on us like wild fire.
While this year has muted colors not nearly as vibrant as the radiant orchid.

For Women the colors are Aquamarine, Lucite Green, Scuba Blue, Toasted Almond, Classic Blue, Custard, Tangerine, Marsala  & Strawberry Ice.

You can mix and match the colors in this order or any way you choose…..Strawberry Ice, Tangerine, Scuba Blue, then Classic Blue, Aquamarine, Toasted Almond & Custard, Lucite Green, Marsala.


While Treetop, Glacier Grey, Dusk Blue, Toasted Almond, Classic Blue, Titanium, Woodbine, Sandstone, Lavender Herb and Marsala Are For Men.


I love the vibrance of the Classic Blue, Treetop,  Woodbine & the way its diluted with the Toasted Almond, Dusk blue & Lavender Herb, The Sandstone, Titanium, Glacier Grey are neutrals to me.

As for Marsala it doesn’t have the strength and vibrance of a color that I want to see everywhere and around me, I believe colors affect your mood and your productivity level.

A more vibrant shade of Marsala will add sheen to the black skin, I’m not so sure about Marsala its self, looked boring to me.
You need to understand our skin tone is distinctive and special, some of us have the darkest shade of brown that its almost black or black , its OK to want to look earthy but I haven’t seen any one you rolled in “Aja Upa” (Red Sand) that looked nice.

My  advice is “Moderation is the key and always look out for the Shade of the color that will do justice to you”
Its important that you pay attention to colors and how they affect your brand.
So take time out and have a rethink before you jump on the Marsala wagon.