This piece is inspired by a lot of not so good posters I keep seeing around town, we all know that campaigns have started earnestly.


Posters are ways politicians introduce themselves to us, we all know that the chances of meeting them are slim and getting to know them is like finding a needle in a hay sac.

Now as a politician have you ever stopped to ask yourself if you are introducing yourself wrongly to these people who you intend to rule but cant if they don’t give you their votes.


What Does Your Poster Say About You?
Giving only your poster Would you vote for yourself if you weren’t contesting ?
Your visuals can be perceived as your level of competence and success, so invest in an experienced PR agency that will take care of all your media materials, take time out to have a proper photoshoot , have a good photographer on your team, clear pictures speak volumes.
Get a good tailor, African prints and designs have evolved make dapper looking natives.
Men please be conscious of the length of your pants you don’t want to be looking like you borrowed them or you planned to wear them for the next ten years. What out also for the tightness around the crotch, too tight equals bad fitting.


Buy clothes that fit properly for the days you intend to wear a suit, watch out for the length of your pants, the sleeves & the shoulders, we are looking for one that fits really good not one that’s too small, so you can move your arms comfortably. 
Ladies if you are not so good with makeup application get a good makeup artist in your employ, we don’t want a situation where people will be carried away by your clown looking makeup instead of listening to what you have to say.
Your hair is a very important part of you, please no scary weaves. Take time to plan your outfits, understand color psychology and use it to your advantage.

Now You Are Almost Media Ready…..