Consciously or Unconsciously you will be judged by what you wear, especially in an office environment the way you dress and look can be perceived as your level of intelligence and competence.


Also know that it is important to build your wardrobe to suit your different roles & lifestyle.

1) A Wardrobe Cluster Or Capsule Is Very Important In The Journey Of Wardrobe Building.

You are wondering what a wardrobe cluster/capsule is, Right?? A Wardrobe cluster/capsule are sets of clothing that you can mix and match to wear multiple times.
Clothing & accessories that have more that one matching outfit you can pair it with.

2) Building a Wardrobe That Works Takes Time, Planning & Money.
Building a wardrobe that works takes A Developed Sense Of Style to fit various roles required by your Lifestyle, So if you are going to dedicate time & money into building ur wardrobe you might as well get it right.


3) Everyone Cannot Afford Luxury Clothing Pieces, Some People Are On A Budget.
Remember its not about how expensive the clothes in your wardrobe are, its about the pieces that last.

If you follow the trend, you’ll always have to buy new clothes, It Pays to have more Classic Pieces than Trendy Pieces

Build Wardrobe Clusters Where You Can Mix & Match Every Outfit, Add A Bit Of Neutrals, Some Color, Prints Etc, Just Keep it stylish.


You can only Buy clothes that Flatter You,
Don’t buy clothes because you Can Afford them or To Follow The Trend.

Above all, understand the proportions of your body and love your body.

Be Confident, Be You, Be FABulous…