There are lips colors to go with every skin tone, every outfit possible and every social occasion. You keep looking at shades of Red,Pink,Mauve, black &Purple,make sure you don’t run out of options.
When you have more than one shade of a particular color or colors you can always mix, be creative.


– Light pink:  innocence, soft and gentle. Wear a light pink shade for when you are feeling pretty,girly & breezy .
To touch the roof & set things in motion wear Hot Pink.

– Purple: Mysterious and a little rebellious.
Purple shades are always cool, vibrant, Unique, makes you stand out & never boring.

– Orange: Sunshine. 
Orange is the color of sunshine, Get a lift off gloomy days with an orange color lippie, make your day sparkly & fun.

– Red: Confidence and Independence.
The Confidence you need to make decisions quickly, kick butts or be sexy.

– Brown: Earthy and inviting.
The Power to relax and be easy.. Take it slow no rush.